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Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is full of diversity and contrasts.

Its population boasts 645 million people of which more than half are women, approximately 70 million have some form of disability, one in four is of African descent, and 8.3% are indigenous.

Despite its riches, LAC is still not making the most out of its diversity. This region has the fewest women in senior positions, Afro-descendants are underrepresented in the labor force, and people with disabilities face more barriers to entering the labor market.

According to a study by McKinsey, companies with greater gender diversity have 15% higher profitability. Racially diverse companies have a return of more than 35%. In short, diversity is good business and companies can make the most out of the talent and market opportunities this diversity provides.



At IDB Invest, we have made a simple and clear promise: we are 100% committed to gender equality as well as diversity and inclusion.

We help companies identify the economic opportunity gained by integrating a strategy of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion into their business. We work with various sectors offering finance products and consultancy services to help them create more inclusive companies.

We help companies:

1. With their human capital strategy to attract and retain the best talent through human resource policy recommendations, diversity and inclusion training, and mentoring programs.
2. With their market strategy to uncover potential opportunities and segments through market research, product and service development, and sales force training.
3. With their value chain strategy, procurement policy and service contracting recommendations as well as suggestions for a more inclusive value chain, and with supplier training.


IDB Invest and ESADE launch the first gender lens investing study on Latin America and the Caribbean

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How to invest with a gender lens approach?

Investing with a gender lens approach is a profitable and socially responsible wager that generates improved business performance and multiplies well-being. It is also a courageous and positive way to do business.

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Our expert
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Stephanie Oueda

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