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Trade and Supply Chain Finance

We facilitate innovative trade finance solutions through short- and medium-term loans and guarantees to cover the needs of the value chain of anchor clients.

Blended Finance

By putting concessional donor funds to work in targeted ways, we can often tap into new sources of capital for high-impact projects.


Partial credit enhancements or risk-sharing guarantees can make a potential project more attractive to commercial investors.


In some cases, IDB Invest may become a part owner of a company and share in the risks and potential rewards of a business venture.

Capital Markets

By providing bridge loans, partial credit guarantees and other products, we strengthen companies’ ability to issue debt securities.

Resource Mobilization

As a multilateral development bank, we can structure loans and bonds to expand the pool of funds available for investment in the private sector.


As a strategic lender in the region, we use our loans to open up new possibilities for companies to add value, take risks and test new business models.


Public-Private Partnerships

One of the most critical development challenges in the region is to increase investment in infrastructure projects.

Climate Change

We promote smart solutions for sustainable businesses.

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

The Latin America and Caribbean region is full of diversity and contrasts.

Sustainability and MSMEs

We work with financial institutions and other intermediaries to create a better environment for small business.