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Some types of mezzanine financing more closely resemble debt; these might be structured as high-yield loans or subordinated loans with some form of added compensation or incentive, such as additional interest or an option to acquire shares at a nominal price. Other types of mezzanine financing place a greater emphasis on equity, for example by building in conversion rights that would trigger ownership interest in the company.

As with other types of financial solutions, IDB Invest looks for opportunities to use mezzanine financing to strengthen the capital structure of good companies and, ultimately, to make a positive impact on development. The expansion of risk capital to regional companies and projects also has the effect of indirectly introducing new financial products in the region which the market can incorporate and eventually replicate.



As a strategic lender in the region, we use our loans to open up new possibilities for companies to add value, take risks and test new business models.


Partial credit enhancements or risk-sharing guarantees can make a potential project more attractive to commercial investors.


In some cases, IDB Invest may become a part owner of a company and share in the risks and potential rewards of a business venture.

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Meet the Expert

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