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The region is poised to become the breadbasket of the world, while the agribusiness sector is facing increased pressures to be more competitive, efficient, inclusive, environmentally conscious and resilient to climate change.


The transition to cleaner energy is moving full steam ahead in Latin America and the Caribbean, creating demand for more infrastructure, more innovation and more capital.

Financial Institutions

We provide financial institutions with tools to expand access to finance, a critical—and often elusive—component of economic growth and development.


Manufacturing remains a critical force in both advanced and emerging economies because of its potential to create good jobs. But it must constantly innovate to compete in a global economy.

Social Infrastructure

Despite progress in health and education in recent years, many Latin American and Caribbean countries still face significant challenges related to access, quality, efficiency and infrastructure.

Telecommunications, Media and Technology

At a time when telecommunications and digital technologies are transforming people's lives, the challenge is to bridge the gap between digital haves and have-nots.


High-quality transportation systems connect people, goods and services efficiently, increase productivity, create new markets, improve quality of life and pave the way to greater economic growth and development.


The tourism sector is a pillar of Latin American and Caribbean economies and an important source of job creation—especially for women and youth.

Water and Sanitation

The region requires major investment to improve the efficiency and quality of water service, expand wastewater coverage and manage the pressures on water resources caused by climate change.