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Energy is crucial for the development of people and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Energy not only makes it possible to illuminate our homes, take a hot shower, and preserve food; but it is also vital for the economy since it powers industry, commerce, and transportation. Energy is key for practically all activities in today's society such as science, education, and healthcare. Thanks to technology, the use of electricity will steadily increase, replacing fossil fuels. Although this may seem like good news, the generation of electrical energy can have negative effects on the environment if it is not done sustainably.


LAC’s electrical network is relatively environmentally friendly thanks to a high level of hydroelectric power production. However, as climate change affects rainfall and reduces supply, countries may become more dependent on fossil fuels and their economies more vulnerable to price fluctuations.

To diversify their energy, alternative sources must be incorporated such as wind and solar, but also other backup sources such as geothermal energy and natural gas. Given their greater volatility and intermittency, renewable energy sources have to rely on better transmission networks and storage solutions such as batteries, thereby ensuring supply and adapting to the increase in demand. This transition and diversification process requires significant innovation and investment.


We seek to develop clean and sustainable energy on a large scale.

We work with experienced energy project sponsors to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We not only invest in energy production but also in solid support systems through modern distribution networks and storage capacity while promoting and keeping track of energy efficient technologies.


IDB Invest Closes Financing for Uruguay’s First Green Transmission Line, Boosts the Energy Sector

IDB Invest Closes Financing for Uruguay’s First Green Transmission Line, Boosts the Energy Sector

  • With this project, IDB Invest will launch the world's first certificate for green transmission lines, an innovative solution that promotes environmentally sustainable investments in energy transportation.


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Welcome to the New Hydrogen Economy!

Hydrogen is the clean energy source that could help hasten the achievement of net-zero emissions. Green hydrogen, that is.

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Meet the Expert

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