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As a multilateral development bank, IDB Invest enjoys a de facto preferred creditor status. This is not a legal designation, but one that is embodied in practice and recognized by our member countries.

In practical terms, this means—among other things—that IDB Invest has preferred access to foreign currency in times of foreign exchange crisis, which mitigates the risks involved in converting or transferring funds. By participating in certain IDB Invest investments, investors share in that preferred creditor status and gain exemption from withholding taxes, as well as other advantages.

Capital Markets

By providing bridge loans, partial credit guarantees and other products, we strengthen companies’ ability to issue debt securities.

Trade and Supply Chain Finance

We facilitate innovative trade finance solutions through short- and medium-term loans and guarantees to cover the needs of the value chain of anchor clients.


Partial credit enhancements or risk-sharing guarantees can make a potential project more attractive to commercial investors.

Meet The Expert

Meet The Expert

Jozef Henriquez

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