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Hilen Meirovich

Hilen leads the Climate Change Advisory Services Team at IDB Invest, which she joined in 2017. She is responsible for developing innovative strategies and implementing solutions to reduce the impact of climate change, that include governments and companies of various sectors in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. She has extensive experience in creating favorable conditions for environmentally-friendly investments and leveraging international climate funds that help channel private investment to the region. She joined the IDB Group in 2009 and specialized in the development and implementation of climate policies. Hilen earned a PhD in philosophy, politics and government and a master’s degree in international economic development from Georgetown University (USA). She also earned a master’s degree in political sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and an undergraduate degree in political
sciences from Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Argentina).

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Life with an Electric Car: the Bright Side of Driving a Giant, Clean Cellphone

Moving away from a regular vehicle to an electric one is not just a matter of changing where you fill up. It’s a complete shift in mentality that helps the environment and brings you to see things in a new way. Think that an electric car is more like a giant cellphone.

Here’s the New Ecological Alternative to Traditional Textile Fiber, Made in Latin America

Earth Day is a great time to remember that we can’t keep thinking about returns if we don’t consider our planet’s health. So-called "cellulose fiber" is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional textile fibers that can help a great deal in that regard.

Five Years After Paris, Latin America and the Caribbean is an Example for Climate Policies

Although some warned that short-term problems would hide long-term ones under COVID-19, the crisis has highlighted the interrelationship between environmental and social issues. The implementation of the Paris Agreement in the region has become a roadmap for recovery.

Energy-Efficient Manufacturing in Latin America and the Caribbean: Just Cheaper & Better

Energy efficiency is the most effective mechanism for reducing gas emissions. The manufacturing sector in Latin America and the Caribbean can do its part for the environment while lowering financing costs through international certifications for its energy management systems.

Let's Use Financial Engineering for Good, with a New Structured Product

At a time of difficulty, due to COVID-19 and climate change, innovative financial products are needed: for example, one that offers great liquidity and flexibility so that banks in Latin America and the Caribbean can reach social impact and climate commitments.

Think Sustainable Network: Sustainable Finances and Investment for Change
Think Sustainable Network: Sustainable Finances and Investment for Change

Sustainable finances and investments incorporate issues of governance, the environment and social reality when long-term decisions are made. However, in order for sustainable thinking to spread like wildfire over the financial markets and for companies to base their long-term measures on sustainability, it is essential for decision-makers – senior executives – to be committed to this trend based on an understanding of the financial instruments they can use and the challenges they will face when incorporating this line of work in their companies.