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Advancing Gender Equality with Incentives that Work

The challenges faced by the financial sector to convert more women into clients can be addressed by combining well-designed incentives and advisory services.

Five Steps to Develop an Effective Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Many companies in the region come up with excellent gender, diversity and inclusion initiatives but don't have an adequate strategy, or they have the strategy but still lack the initiatives to implement it. Here are five steps that companies can take to make it all fit together.

The Other Half of Equality

The path that will lead our societies to prosperity can only be based on sustainability and inclusion. To achieve this, all of us should play a part. We men must remember that we are the other half of equality.

Latin America, World Leader in Gender Bonds

Latin America has become the leading region in gender bond issuance, totaling 14 transactions and 12 issuers. Gender bonds are a great financial alternative to empower women from an economic, business and social standpoint.

Uncovering the Hidden Cost of Gender Biases in Lending to Women

Unconscious or not, gender biases leave millions of women on the sidelines of financial inclusion, and millions of dollars in foregone profits for banks on the table. Reducing gender bias in lending is key as the pandemic recedes, so that women-led businesses help to propel the recovery.

Female construction worker
Towards a Fair, Inclusive Transition: Employing Women in Infrastructure Projects

Investments in infrastructure are key to an inclusive and job-creating recovery, and promote access to more and better services for lower-income households. But women are still little involved in this kind of projects.