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Sandra Reyes

Sandra leads the Financial Institutions team for the Andean region of IDB Invest, which she joined in 2007. She is responsible for the origination and structuring of financing operations for financial intermediaries that have an impact on development. She has structured loan transactions and capital investments in the region, promoting access to financing, the empowerment of women and the mitigation of climate change. Before joining the IDB Group, Sandra worked as a capital markets director in the Colombian investment bank belonging to Grupo Aval. Sandra has an MBA from the INALDE Business School, and an undergraduate degree in finance and international relations from Externado University (both in Colombia).

Posts by Sandra Reyes

Four Benefits Brought by Using the Blockchain in Capital Markets

The blockchain brings great benefits for capital markets, as it allows to share a complete and immutable dataset of information creating a more transparent, cheaper, more liquid and easier to monitor market-place for participants to transact and price securities.

Mujer colombiana cultivando cebollas
Colombia Leads the Gender Bond Market in Latin America & the Caribbean

The first gender bond in the region was issued in 2019 by the Panama unit of a bank based in Colombia, a country that has never stopped leading the sustainable investment market. However, more and better access to financing is still needed to consolidate this progress and grow.

Two Successful Models for Promoting Banking Digitalization: The Cases of Colombia and Peru

The success of online platforms in the Colombian banking system offers a clear example of how private enterprises can optimize services, expand their customer base, and enhance social inclusion. In Peru, the process has been slow but comprehensive, aiming for a transition to "open banking."

Transparency is the Key for Thematic Bonds' Success
Transparency is the Key for Thematic Bonds' Success

The emergence of thematic bonds and their significance for the region have highlighted the importance of strengthening credibility and standardization when disclosing the results of financed projects.