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Banner image showing a factory worker wearing helmet.
How to Promote the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing in Latin America and the Caribbean

The digital transformation of the manufacturing sector in Latin America and the Caribbean is key to more sustainable economic development and higher productivity and inclusion in the global economy. A study conducted by IDB Invest with 35 local companies helps us understand where we are and where we want to go.

Honduras, Where Low-Emission Manufacturing is Made Possible

Manufacturing is one of the main money-making, job-creating sectors in Central America. The current prices of renewable energy and the adoption of efficient practices are starting to cut the path towards carbon-low manufacturing, a competitive edge that could lead to export markets.

Boosting Exports While Reducing Carbon Emissions

In addition to offering various tax, customs, regulatory and other incentives for investors, free zones and industrial parks in Latin America and the Caribbean are increasingly adding another benefit to the mix: a reduced carbon footprint through self-supplied renewable energy for production.

Digitalization & Sustainability Come to the Clothing Industry’s Rescue

Spendthrift consumerism comes with massive environmental costs, and the “fast fashion” model in the clothing industry is highly wasteful and damaging to the planet. New digital business models focused on re-use and re-sale are changing the shape of the industry for the better in the region and elsewhere.

Your Business is Next in Line for Internet-of-Things Disruption

The shape of the post-pandemic economy will be dominated by digitalization and the Internet of Things. Think about everyday tools in industries such as agriculture, financial services, healthcare, logistics and automotive, all sharing data on the cloud, and the implications of that revolution.