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Rogerio Basso

Rogerio is the Head of Tourism for IDB Invest and has over two decades of real estate and hospitality experience. He is responsible for executing the bank's tourism strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean through a variety of financial instruments including debt, mezzanine, and equity investments. Prior to joining IDB Invest, he served as EVP for Terranum Hotels, an owner and operator of hotels across Latin America, and worked for over 11 years at Ernst & Young in Miami, where he was responsible for leading the firm’s real estate and hospitality advisory activities in LAC.

Posts by Rogerio Basso

Personas haciendo escalada en una cascada.
Holidays 2.0: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region greatly abundant in natural and cultural resources, with a huge potential to become a global benchmark in the tourism industry, driving economic growth and quality job creation in the region. Despite some setbacks, new customer behaviors and, especially, technology breakthroughs have brought about new opportunities for the industry. 

Image showing a wood bridge in the middle of a jungle in Costa Rica
Traveling for Good: How Nature-Based Tourism & Regenerative Travel Can Drive Development

Nature-based & regenerative tourism make the common interests of travelers and impact investors intersect – they drive a genuine desire to pursue meaningful sustainability principles in the context of profitable projects.

Boosting Sustainable Tourism to Promote Land Conservation

Sustainable tourism helps to finance land conservation efforts while preserving natural ecosystems. A recent initiative in Chile’s Torres del Paine national park is a great example of this.

How to Invest in Women in Value Chains?

Women-led companies are key to generating diversity and dynamism in business and value chains. But there is a long way to go. Only by adopting measures with measurable incentives will it be possible to open markets to inclusion.

Food Waste is on the Menu as the Hospitality Sector Rebuilds

The drastic disruption in tourism activity due to the pandemic offers an opportunity to consider food waste management as a way to improve operating margins and redirect the sector’s path towards a more sustainable future.

All-inclusive hotels: A key for Latin America and the Caribbean’s growth
All-inclusive hotels: A key for Latin America and the Caribbean’s growth

The traditional all-inclusive concept has significantly evolved in recent years to better adapt to changing consumer preferences, demographics and booking patterns. Guest behavior and expectations are being reshaped by a shift in consumers’ mindset towards travel and the disruptive impact of technology. Travelers are increasingly seeking personalization and authenticity in their vacation experiences, more involvement and connection with the local community, and a genuine engagement in environmentally responsible practices—all of this while maintaining full control of their choices and increasingly relying on mobile and electronic devices as a preferred booking method. A revamped all-inclusive 2.0 model is becoming more sensitive to these consumer needs and undergoing an exciting metamorphosis.