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Pilar Carvajo Lucena

Pilar is an Investment Management Officer, Blended Finance Team at IDB 
Invest, which she joined in 2017. She provides 
support to the origination and structuring processes 
of the concessional tranche of investments in the 
energy, agribusiness, manufacturing and financial 
services sectors, especially in Central America and 
the Caribbean. She is also responsible for managing 
the relationship with donors, including fundraising 
and project portfolio monitoring. 
Before joining the IDB Group, she worked at Acción 
Global Investments, where she participated in the 
origination and structuring of equity investments in 
financial institutions in Asia and Latin America. She 
previously worked at Deloitte providing advice to 
infrastructure and renewable energy clients, among 
other sectors, and managing their financial risks. She 
has more than five years of experience in the 
management of financial and equity investment risks 
in emerging markets. 
Pilar earned a master’s degree in business 
administration (MBA) from the MIT Sloan School of 
Management in Cambridge, MA (USA) and a 
professional degree in law and business 
administration from Universidad Pablo de Olavide in 
Seville (Spain).

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