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Matthieu Pegon

Matthieu leads the Blended Finance Team at IDB Invest, which he joined in 2017. He is responsible for managing concessional resources that are invested in transformational projects where risks are too high for commercial finance alone. He is the IDB Group’s focal point for blended finance issues.
Before joining the IDB Group, Matthieu worked as Structured Finance Senior Specialist for the Green
Climate Fund, the largest multilateral climate finance fund. He also worked at BNP Paribas as Vice
President in Structured Debt Capital Markets with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.
Matthieu earned a master’s degree and a bachelor's degree in finance from Grenoble École de
Management (France).

Posts by Matthieu Pegon

Using Incentives and Nudges to Help Companies in Latin America & the Caribbean

Donor funds can be combined with equity investments to create incentives and nudges for corporate management teams, to achieve a particular outcome that is good for society or the planet, and hopefully both.

In Search of the Elusive International Institutional Investor

Development finance organizations, by themselves, lack the necessary capital to attend the needs of developing countries. Blended finance may be used to help institutional investors mobilize their capital securely and effectively in such countries.

Let's Use Financial Engineering for Good, with a New Structured Product

At a time of difficulty, due to COVID-19 and climate change, innovative financial products are needed: for example, one that offers great liquidity and flexibility so that banks in Latin America and the Caribbean can reach social impact and climate commitments.

Pushing boundaries with blended finance in Latin America and the Caribbean
Pushing boundaries with blended finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Every transition, every turning point, moves through critical junctures wherein a slight push determines the success or failure of a transformative proposal. Crossing the frontiers or staying in the same place. This applies to everything, from people to new business models or innovative financial solutions.