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Ancor Suárez-Alemán

Economist, PhD., BA., with over 15 years of working experience in the field of infrastructure economics and policy. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Senior Specialist at the Vice-presidency for Countries at the Inter-American Development Bank Group. Currently leading the infrastructure PPP upstream public-sector support at the IDB, advising 26 Latin America and the Caribbean Governments on upstream (PPP regulatory and institutional framework, infrastructure planning and prioritization, coordination between Public Investment Management and PPP Units, Capacity building); downstream/operations (infrastructure project preparation and structuring, with a focus on port transactions); and infrastructure PPP knowledge development and dissemination activities. Manager of the LAC Regional Network on Analysis and Best Practices on PPPs. IDB Project Manager for the Infrascope development – analysis of the enabling environment for efficient and sustainable PPP in LAC social and economic infrastructure (energy, telecom, transport, social infrastructure, water and sanitation), an IDBG and The Economist Impact joint initiative. In the past, I worked at the Infrastructure and Energy Department at the IDB developing and coordinating key infrastructure knowledge and strategic products related to infrastructure investment, financing, governance, regulation, and performance, among other areas. Before that, I worked at The World Bank in the transport practice, where I developed transport knowledge outcomes such as the first port competitiveness report for the South Asia region. I have advised public and private sectors in Europe, South Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to my career in Washington D.C. (USA), I contributed to various European Cooperation in Science and Technology projects on business models for enhancing funding and enabling financing of infrastructure projects, as well as national and regional infrastructure investment projects. I completed my PhD focusing on Port Competitiveness and the European Maritime Transport Policy. I have authored and coordinated general and sector studies, and published over more than 100 works on infrastructure economics, policy, investment and financing, and PPP in various journals and other specialized publications.

Posts by Ancor Suárez-Alemán

Una ingeniera en una represa
A Toolkit to Build Climate Resilience and Enhance Public-Private Partnerships

Financing infrastructure projects brings about a multiplier effect: every dollar invested generates up to four dollars in return. However, there is a huge gap that can only be bridged by actively engaging private-sector players and providing them with the right tools.

Image of a factory next to a river
Addressing Water Stress through Public-Private Partnerships in Desalination Projects

The desalination industry offers an effective alternative to respond to water scarcity in the region, especially in a context where it is essential to engage the private sector, and develop and structure effective projects that meet social needs.

How can we apply data analysis to the development of Public-Private Partnerships?
How can we apply data analysis to the development of Public-Private Partnerships?

In developing projects, nothing yields greater value for money than data.

Lessons from a Success Story: Private Port Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean

In the midst of COVID-19, maritime transportation remains essential to the world economy. Ports operated by the private sector have historically shown better performance as well as more flexibility and faster adoption of new technologies, key factors for a strong recovery from the current economic crisis.