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Felipe Ezquerra

Felipe Ezquerra es jefe de transporte de la División de Infraestructura y Energía de BID Invest. Tiene un amplio conocimiento y experiencia internacional en la estructuración, financiación y gestión de proyectos de transporte en América Latina y España. Antes de unirse a BID Invest, fue director financiero de Arteris, S.A., la mayor empresa del sector de autopistas de Brasil, con 3.250 km en operaciones. También fue director financiero de OHL Concesiones, S.A., una empresa española con amplia experiencia en el desarrollo de concesiones de infraestructura de transporte en América Latina. A lo largo de su carrera, dirigió varios procesos de crecimiento y reestructuración vinculados a la integración de empresas adquiridas y fusionadas. Tiene un máster en ingeniería naval por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Posts by Felipe Ezquerra

Trabajadoras instalando paneles solares
The Technologies that will turn Latin America and the Caribbean into a Global Hub for Sustainable Energies

Abundant minerals for transition, potential in hydro, solar, and wind power, and tools from the digital revolution position the region ideally for developing future energies and reaping their benefits.

Una mujer revisa un monitor en un centro de control de tráfico
Nine Transportation Challenges Technology Could Solve

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, gamification... the digital revolution offers diverse options to tackle issues too common in Latin American and Caribbean cities: heavy traffic, road accidents, and even not having enough coins to pay for your ride.

Empleado de una compañía de aguas
Efficiency and Competitiveness: New Technologies Revolutionize Water and Sanitation Services 

Digital acceleration in the urban water sector is critical to addressing one of governments' main challenges: water security. This translates into the availability and access to water in quantity and quality that ensure supply to citizens and the conduct of productive activities.

Electric Buses Roll Out Challenges and Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean

Policy makers are aware of the importance of cutting down on CO2, manufacturers are rolling over new electric buses and private sector investors have appetite to invest in this sector, as demonstrated by recent tenders in Bogotá and Santiago. But there are still road-blocks ahead of a massive roll-out of electric buses.

Saving Infrastructure Projects Amidst the Pandemic

The development of transport infrastructure depends on the commitment of construction companies and financial institutions. Their collaboration is key for projects in Paraguay and Uruguay to move forward, and has major positive impacts on trade and employment.

How Can Development Finance Institutions Help Unleash Brazil's Investment Potential in Infrastructure?
How Can Development Finance Institutions Help Unleash Brazil's Investment Potential in Infrastructure?

To unleash investments, Brazil’s billionaire infrastructure gap needs more than one strategic player providing innovative solutions.