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Businesses that implement sustainable practices and manage environmental and social risks responsibly are more likely to succeed.

Companies with clean, efficient operations and strong relationships with stakeholders, including local communities, are positioned to reduce operational costs, avoid fines or penalties, boost their reputation, maintain a social license to operate and increase their market share. Similarly, lenders with such companies in their portfolios are more likely to manage environmental and social risks more effectively, prevent credit risks, have a strong bottom line and attract funding on the international market.

Engagement and Response Platform

IDB Invest aims to foster a proactive dialogue with those seeking information about our projects or interested in filing a grievance.

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Sustainability Week goes digital!

The Sustainability Week Platform was developed by IDB Invest as a virtual space to share knowledge and expertise on environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices and to provide our clients and other stakeholders with a repository of resources as we pave the way to our next Sustainability Week.  

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Sustainability, the vaccine for Latin America and the Caribbean economies

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is home to 8% of global population but accounts for 40% of global coronavirus-related deaths.

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How to Implement Infrastructure Projects in the COVID-19 Era

Let's put ourselves in Edison Candela's shoes.

Edison needed a plan to protect workers and communities from COVID-19 along a 150-kilometer stretch of winding roads under construction across six municipalities in two rugged Colombian departments. And he needed it fast.

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