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Why Climate Change?

Climate change is not some abstract academic issue; it has real-world effects on business.

We work with companies across every sector to help them mitigate their risks, capitalize on business opportunities, rethink their energy use and also save money.

Governments around the world are tackling the challenges of climate change, but turning the hopes of the Paris Agreement into reality will also require the innovation and ingenuity and investment of the private sector.

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Our Strategy

Climate finance is already a major focus of the entire IDB Group.

At IDB Invest in particular, it accounts for 35 percent of our operations—a higher share of green investment than any of our counterparts, based on figures in the 2016 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance.

Our expertise on this issue, coupled with our experience and presence throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, makes IDB Invest a logical partner on climate action in the private sector. With support from donors, we can often incorporate concessional financing into our loan packages to attract more private investment in clean energy and provide technical assistance to encourage climate adaptation measures.

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Pushing boundaries with blended finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Every transition, every turning point, moves through critical junctures wherein a slight push determines the success or failure of a transformative proposal.

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Caribbean leaders launch plan to make region a “climate-smart zone,” with IDB support

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Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert

Hilen Meirovich

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