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Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence Applications for Agribusiness

Over the past few years, the global economy has faced an extraordinary combination of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related disruptions as well as pressure from investors and customers to show tangible results on the sustainability agenda. These forces have set an irreversible new path, re-evaluating how companies do business and contribute to long-term value creation.

In this new publication created in alliance with Accenture and launched during our Sustainability Week 2022, we articulate key operational and cooperative objectives that should be prioritized to unlock this potential. This roadmap identifies current barriers to technology adoption that would enable sustainable agribusiness in LAC if addressed.

These efforts will require action from practitioners across development finance, sustainability, and both commercial and open-source remote sensing. In parallel with continued technological and scientific innovation, stakeholders must improve the accessibility and interpretability of open-source remotely sensed information. Remote sensing is also positioned to power next-generation management of ESG agribusiness impact if prioritized in monitoring and evaluation practices.


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