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IDB Invest's Impact Management Framework: Managing a Portfolio for Impact

As a whole, the framework IDB Invest has created for measuring and managing impact helps us fulfill our role as a connecter and resource mobilizer, linking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with private sector investment. This means offering other investors our installed capacity to select and structure projects with the greatest impact potential, track and evaluate the impact achieved, manage ESG risks, and cultivate a strong pipeline of SDG-enabling investment opportunities in the region.

Aside from deal flow, we can help shorten the learning curve for other investors looking to develop or strengthen their own impact measurement and management systems by sharing the key elements of what we know works best, keeping in mind ongoing advances toward shared standards in the broader impact investing space. Ultimately, effectively managing for impact alongside financial returns allows everyone to build the portfolios the world needs, full of well-targeted, high-impact investments that help advance the SDGs and create a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient private sector.

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