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Telecom Argentina: Funding for Fixed Investments and Mobile Phones

Project number 12542-01, 12542-02
Country Argentina
Sector Telecommunications, Media and Technology
Status In implementation

                                                                           5. Environmental and Social Action Plan

Item ACCION Deliverables final date
n°1 Telecom will update the corporate management system so that, through its implementation, the company complies with the IFC Performance Standards and the relevant and applicable Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines of the World Bank Group, in addition to applicable social and environmental laws and regulations Comprehensive Environmental and Social Management System acceptable to IDB Invest Sep 30 2019
n°2 Telecom will update the procedures of its comprehensive system to assess and manage the environmental and social risks of future acquisitions of companies and assets, as well as mergers with other companies, ensuring compliance at all times with the applicable IFC Performance Standards. Telecom will prepare and implement a specific procedure, containing risk criteria based on the IFC's Performance Standards, to decide on whether or not to finalize an acquisition/merger proposal. Procedure for assessing environmental and social risks from the potential acquisition of companies and assets or mergers with other companies, acceptable to IDB Invest. Dic 31 2019
n°3 Telecom will ensure that all policies, procedures, and environmental and social plans that are applicable within the group, are fully integrated into Telecom’s comprehensive management system. All policies and procedures will ensure compliance with the IFC’s compliance standards. Environmental and social policies, procedures and plans that are acceptable to IDB Invest Sep 30 2019
For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

For inquiries, comments and requests about the project

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