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IMPCTRS Podcast: Transforming the value chain in the agribusiness sector

Created in 2014, ProducePay works to transform the global agribusiness market through access to finance, transparency, and access to a fairer market and data-driven insights for small and medium farmers. In this new episode, we will talk about how disruptive business models and sustainability strategies for the future can transform the value chain in the agricultural sector.

Today we join Pablo Bórquez Schwarzbeck, CEO and founder of ProducePay; Carlos Narváez, Lead Investment Officer in Agribusiness at IDB Invest; and María Alejandra Blanco Iturbe, Specialist in Sustainable Businesses and MSMEs in the Advisory Services Division from IDB Invest.

ProducePay is also one of the companies highlighted in the stories of our 2021 Annual Report. Learn here about the impact this business has achieved thanks to the support of IDB Invest.


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