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Sebastián Goris Porta

Sebastián Goris Porta is Partner in charge of Utilities & Energy for the Americas at NTT Data. With over 20 years in the IT industry for the energy sector, both for the Oil & Gas and Gas & Power subsectors and with responsibilities in business development and project execution in Europe and Latin America. Sebastián has lived through the liberalization of the energy sector in the early 2000s, the remarkable transformation it entailed, and the current digitalization that the industry is undergoing in Latin America through multiple projects and services for adopting new technologies. Sebastián believes that Latin America is at a turning point, where the convergence of digitalization and technological innovation is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient energy transition.

Posts by Sebastián Goris Porta

Trabajadoras instalando paneles solares
The Technologies that will turn Latin America and the Caribbean into a Global Hub for Sustainable Energies

Abundant minerals for transition, potential in hydro, solar, and wind power, and tools from the digital revolution position the region ideally for developing future energies and reaping their benefits.