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Paula Castillo

Paula Castillo leads the analytical work associated with the challenges and opportunities for participation of the private sector in transportation and social infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean, and support by IDB Invest in the Strategic Planning Division and Development. Before working at IDB Invest, she was a technical advisor to the IDB's Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge and a consultant in the IDB's Transportation Division. Before the IDB Group, she worked in the Infrastructure Division of the National Planning Department in Colombia and as a researcher and professor at the Universidad de los Andes. Paula is an economist, with a master's degree in sustainability management from the business school of the American University, United States, and a master's degree in economics from the Universidad de los Andes.

Posts by Paula Castillo

Plant sprouts on coins
What does it take to address the large climate adaptation financing gap in Latin America and the Caribbean?

The region has a significant adaptation finance and investment gap ranging from $18 to $51 billion annually. Taking action now could reduce the vulnerabilities of businesses, increase the resilience of human and natural systems, and bring several additional benefits.

Five Challenges for Infrastructure Financing with Private Involvement

PPPs in Latin America & the Caribbean may face challenges related to the depth of financial markets, the incentives and mechanisms for investor diversification, the environment for private investment, and underlying project and contract structures.

Climate change, also a health issue
Climate Change is Also a Health Issue

Climate change is affecting a number of environmental and social aspects that have direct and indirect impacts on human health. Understanding these impacts can be critical to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The Private Sector: a Key Player in the Acceleration of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign will be the largest in history and the delivery of vaccines brings major challenges of scale and speed. Here’s three ways in which the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean has a strategic role to play in that process.

Lessons from a Success Story: Private Port Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean

In the midst of COVID-19, maritime transportation remains essential to the world economy. Ports operated by the private sector have historically shown better performance as well as more flexibility and faster adoption of new technologies, key factors for a strong recovery from the current economic crisis.

How Can Development Finance Institutions Help Unleash Brazil's Investment Potential in Infrastructure?
How Can Development Finance Institutions Help Unleash Brazil's Investment Potential in Infrastructure?

To unleash investments, Brazil’s billionaire infrastructure gap needs more than one strategic player providing innovative solutions.