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IDB Invest Team

IDB Invest seeks to be the primary bank for private sector solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. We support projects to advance clean energy, modernize agriculture, strengthen transportation systems and expand access to financing. These are projects that have a significant impact and contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), our commitment is to economic growth and social inclusion, central concepts of our identity as part of the IDB Group. Our distinctive feature is our focus on the private sector.

Posts by IDB Invest Team

IDB World: Rural Housing, Childhood & Climate Change, Agtech Revolution

We present three IDB Group blog posts on the challenges of rural housing, early childhood and climate change, and the agtech revolution in the region.

Combo image of a group of students and a poor neighborhood in Latin America
IDB World: Citizen Urbanism, Teleworking with Gender Lenses, Glaciers & Sustainability

We are featuring three blog posts from the IDB Group on citizen urbanism, teleworking with a gender lens, and glaciers and sustainability.

Illustration of a group of migrants walking
IDB World: Bio-businesses in Amazonia, Migrants, The New Office

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on biobusinesses in the Amazon, migration in the region, and the new post-Covid office.

Image showing a group of racially diverse office workers
IDB World: Alleviating the Credit Crunch, Helping the Galapagos, Electrifying Transportation

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on methods to alleviate the credit crisis among SMEs, helping the energy transition in the Galapagos Islands, and the electrification of transport.

Image of a man working on a start-up
IDB World: ChatGPT & SMEs, Electromobility, Tax Compliance

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on the use of ChatGPT with SMEs in the region, the promotion of electromobility, and the use of social networks to improve tax compliance in Chile.

Image showing a hispanic todler at a healthcare unit
IDB World: Good Jobs, Universal Health Coverage, Fighting Poverty With Remittances

We present three blog posts from the IDB Group on the creation of quality jobs in the region, the search for universal health coverage, and the use of international remittances against poverty.