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Ángela Pinzón Cortés

Ángela Pinzón Cortés is an economic and financial consultant for the Connectivity and Financial Markets division at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Where she has focused on technical support for thematic and/or sustainability-linked issuances to promote the development of sustainable markets in the Latin America and the Caribbean. She provides technical support throughout the origination cycle of sustainable financial instruments for the public sector. Additionally, she supports the implementation of sustainable financial solutions, the integration of regulatory considerations, and best practices to the market for sustainable financial instruments. Previously, she was an IDB consultant for the Deputy Directorate of External Financing of the Colombian Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, working on initiatives related to sovereign sustainable instruments, and the development of the country's sustainable agenda, related to debt management and financing.

Posts by Ángela Pinzón Cortés

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The investment community in Latin America and the Caribbean longs for two things these days: innovation and thematic bonds. This flourishing interest in environmental, social and governance matters will be critical to financing the construction of a better world.