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Alejandra Haro

Alejandra is a Knowledge Management Consultant at IDB Invest. In this role, she leads institutional efforts to promote knowledge sharing on key topics including governance, content management, accessibility, and engagement. Prior to joining IDB Invest, Alejandra held positions related to Learning and Knowledge Management at IFC, Wayfair, General Electric, and Willis Towers Watson.

Posts by Alejandra Haro

Illustration of knowledge sharing
Leveraging Knowledge to Scale Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

In a world of information overload, how do we make sense of the data that surrounds us? How do we use it to create positive change in our region and beyond? At IDB Invest, we believe that the answer lies in knowledge. It helps us build a bridge that connects people and insights to actions that matter to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By leveraging knowledge, IDB Invest can scale impact across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).